Why The Summer Holidays Can Cause Divorce

Divorce can come about at any time for a whole variety of reasons. However, every year family lawyers receive an above average number of phone calls in September, directly after the long summer holidays.

The media image of the summer holidays is of happy families spending balmy days playing together at the beach before inviting friends and extended family over for a barbecue. But for many families the summer holidays is a far cry from this.

Having the reality of life differ so differently from common perceptions can cause many people to think about whether or not they should change their lives. The summer holidays can also emphasise existing cracks in relationships, or a divorce may have been on the cards for a while but the parents are unwilling to start proceedings until the kids are safely back in school.

Although for many families the summer holidays is a welcome excuse to spend lots of time together, for others it can bring about stress and worry. Many people may not be able to take time off work, or may resent being the one who has to take the time off. Childcare is complicated and expensive during the summer holidays, which does not help pushed families.

For other couples their marriage may have survived to this point as they have not had time or the incentive to spend together, but true differences in personalities, outlooks and life goals can shine through on family holidays and may confirm what has long been suspected.

Hearing about friends’ exciting holidays and looking at photos on social media can also cause a person to realise how unhappy their marriage is and they may want to start thinking about a divorce.

All these problems are exacerbated by having to put on a cheerful front to ensure that the kids have a great summer. The summer holidays should be a special family time, so when it obviously isn’t the entire family will sense it. Often parents will feel incredibly guilty about looking forward to the children going back to school so they can drop their cheerful front.

If you are dreading the six weeks of summer and considering a divorce once the children return to school, then it is worth seeing a solicitor soon so you know what information regarding finance you will need for a fair divorce.


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