Why amicable divorces still need a lawyer

You may wonder why amicable divorces still need a lawyer to oversee matters, but it can really help separating couples, even when it seems relatively pointless and a ‘waste of money’ to friends and family.

Where both parties agree on the terms of divorce there are still many functions that a fully qualified and experienced family lawyer fulfils to make the divorce move along smoothly:

  • Helping you as a client to understand and navigate the legal processes to keep everything as simple and as stress free as possible and putting a plan in place to get you from the start to finish of the divorce process
  • Preventing the unfortunate situation years down the line from a divorce that was finalised between a couple themselves, where they find that agreements that were made but not properly executed or not honoured, which often leaves one or the other out of pocket.
  • Preventing problems after the divorce as a result of oversights or changed circumstances.
  • Preventing problems that arise as a result of an intentional act by one or other ex partner.
  • Coping with unforeseen circumstances that may occur during or after the divorce process.
  • Ensuring that both parties get a fair deal and neither is feeling pressured or bullied by the other into an agreement.

It is also important to remember that just relying on your ex partner and their solicitor to manage the amicable divorce on both of your behalves may seem appealing when you are seemingly happy and in agreement, but can cause many problems in the long run.

While uncontested divorces tend to be more amicable than those where issues are contested, it is no less important to ensure your rights are represented. It is far more appropriate to instruct your own lawyer whose job it is to work in your best interests to work out the best way forward. Remember, that it can sometimes be an even bigger blow when you are supposedly keeping things friendly between you and your ex spouse, to find that there have been some undisclosed assets or that you have lost out on some of your entitlement because of oversight or deliberate falsification. In the long run, the cost of hiring your own family law specialist will be very much worthwhile for your peace of mind that your financial situation and the terms of the decree nisi are as comprehensive and complete as possible.

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