Who Says Signing a Prenuptial Agreement Isn’t Romantic?

Who Says Signing a Prenuptial Agreement Isn’t Romantic?

Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

It is well known that prenuptial agreements have become more mainstream with people from all backgrounds now opting to enter these agreements. They are no longer just for the super-rich or movie stars, but instead, for anyone who wants to attempt to ringfence their assets or have a clear agreement on how finances are distributed in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Prenuptial agreements can provide parties with clear intentions as to the financial split in the event of divorce and can help to reduce acrimony, and lengthy legal proceedings. Not all divorces will result in a 50:50 split however this is the starting point with all assets contributing to the matrimonial pot, regardless of if one party had contributed more or obtained assets prior to the marriage.

There is still a stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements and it is often looked upon as a taboo subject. Prenuptial agreements are perceived to lead to difficult conversations. They are seen as unromantic or may lead to a big argument if brought up. Discussing prenuptial agreements doesn’t mean you want a divorce; it simply means you are putting a plan in place should the unwanted situation arise. There are benefits to putting plans in place for a prenuptial agreement well before the wedding, allowing you and your partner to look forward to the big day. It is also suggested that pre-nuptial agreements are signed at least 28 days before the intended date of marriage.

Entering into a prenuptial agreement shouldn’t be seen in a negative way. Signing a prenuptial agreement should be a sign of love, rather than anything else. Agreeing to sign a prenuptial agreement tells your partner that you love them for them, rather than their assets or wealth.

A prenup means that you are working together, creating a contingency plan, making sure that both parties will be okay should the relationship breakdown. Prenuptial agreements can include provisions for children such as education fees and must ensure that both partners' needs are met.

Additionally, prenuptial agreements require good communication, which is essential in a healthy marriage. When you sign a prenuptial agreement, you must provide a schedule of financial disclosure which allows you to be transparent with your partner, setting you up for a strong marriage.

Published: 31 May 2024

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