What should you do with your rings after you divorce?

After the paperwork is signed and finished and you have embarked on the next stage of your life without your ex spouse, you may still find yourself in possession of a very physical reminder of your marriage – your rings.

So much emphasis is placed on the engagement and wedding rings in our society, that knowing what to do with them when the marriage is over can be a complicated moral dilemma.

The engagement and wedding rings are the physical representation of the marriage and commitment and they are also expensive. It is the expense part that confuses a lot of people, without this, many people would be tempted to throw them into the abyss somewhere.

As it is, there are only two options that most people have – to sell or keep.

Selling your wedding ring after a divorce

Selling your wedding and engagement rings after a divorce can give you a nice lump of cash when you need it.

If you do this, it is important that you take your time to research the actual value of your rings. Many women don’t know the value of their engagement rings. You can take it to an independent specialist for a valuation. The last thing you want is to be conned out of thousands of pounds after selling in a hurry. Even if you are desperate to never see your rings again, wait until you are confident in selling them for a fair price.

Keeping you rings after a divorce

Some people want to hang onto their rings as a reminder of their marriage, or simply because they like them, choosing to wear them on a different finger.

Provided the reminder and the symbolism of the rings doesn’t prevent you from moving on after your marriage. Many people choose to put them away somewhere where they won’t see them daily until they are confident that they have moved on.

Jewellery rarely loses its value, so keeping the rings as a family heirloom can bring something positive, even if your associations with them are negative.

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