What does my divorce lawyer need to know?

When you start the proceedings of a divorce you may be wondering what your divorce lawyer will need to know from you in order to get everything moving along as swiftly as possible. Do not get too worried about the full details, as your highly qualified divorce lawyer will lead you through the process and let you know at what stage they will need specific information alongside helping you to find out where to find out all of the relevant information. But, to put your mind at rest, here are some quick overviews:

You and your situation: Your divorce lawyer will want to know your current situation, to understand the background to the divorce and what your objectives are. They will also want to know on what basis you are planning to get divorced and which of you will be applying for the divorce, and whether it has been agreed by both parties. You will also need to bring forms of identification such as bank statement, passport, driving licence to verify who you are.

Dependent children: Any children under the age of 18, still in full time education or having special needs need to be detailed so that provision can be best made for them.

Property: All information and documentation (including financial statements and payments) associated with properties that you own, including those that are rented or are commercial, the histories of the properties and the finances behind them and whether you or your partner claim them.

Vehicles: All information about each vehicle including (registration and vehicle registration documents), where they were purchased and the finances behind them and who claims an interest in them.

Financial accounts: Documents and statements of any accounts along with any known details so that relevant reviews of the information can be made that are relevant to your situation. This also includes life insurance policies.

Businesses: If businesses are operated during the marriage, information may be required depending on the nature of the business or for general information about its revenue for example tax returns, profit and loss statements and so on.

Assets: There are so many assets that can be part of a divorce settlement, including jewellery, furniture, patents and so on, and all relevant documents and information regarding all of these can be used during the divorce process.

Finances: Income is usually a big issue during a divorce, so relevant information about your income and that of your spouse will be looked into, especially if one or both of you are self employed. Information about outgoings and lifestyle can be looked at in order to look at the bigger picture related to the divorce.

The more information that you can give to your divorce lawyer so that they can better understand your personal situation, the better they will be able to advise you.

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