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Grant Stephens Family Law provide a whole range of services tailored to unmarried or cohabiting couples whether you are just beginning your relationship or whether you have separated.

Beginning your relationship

If you and your partner are about to purchase a home or property, it is important to establish how you will own it and what would happen to the shares in the event of separation. Cohabitation Agreements are considered essential to unmarried couples who wish to avoid the considerable cost and distress of having to apply to the Court for their share to be realised on separation.

The law relating to property rights between unmarried couples is particularly complex and cohabitees are treated differently to married couples. Litigation in this area is expensive and lengthy and therefore the old adage of a ‘stich in time saves nine’ is never more relevant than in this area. We can provide advice and assistance in drawing up a Cohabitation Agreement and Declaration of trusts in respect of jointly owned property s which will provide you with the surety and security in the knowledge that your investment is protected if things do go wrong in the future.


Guide to… Unmarried & Cohabiting Couples

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Grant Stephens Family Law provides a full service tailored to the needs of separating couples. When couples separate, it is important that they have the security of knowing where they stand. Ideally any financial issues should be implemented in a Separation Agreement or Deed of Separation signed or executed by both parties which can record the terms of the separation and any financial agreements. The negotiations can take place via a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Mediation or Collaborative Law. In the event that fails, by Court action.

The law is not straightforward. If the property is held in the name of only one person, the other person will want to know what rights they may have in respect to the property.

Difficult situations can also arise with jointly owned property where there is no express agreement as to shareholding and where one party considers that they should have a larger percentage shareholding than the other.

Furthermore, there may be dispute as to whether the property should be sold, and it may be appropriate in those circumstances to apply to the Court for an order for sale.

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Why Grant Stephens Family Law?

For our team of qualified and experienced family solicitors, you are our priority. We treat each of our clients as individuals, and we understand that different situations will need different resolutions. We work with you to understand how we can protect your future, and the future of those you love. Every piece of advice we give our clients is unique, and decided with you in mind.


Our promise to you


You come first

We’re human too. We know that everyone is different, and so all of the advice we provide is client-led. We consider how you want to approach your case, and we’ll work with you to provide you with the best possible resolution.



We see the bigger picture

Our expertise is in empowering our clients to make the right decisions for their future. We won’t rest until we’ve secured the best outcome for you and your family.



A problem solving approach

If your case can be resolved without going to court, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you don’t have to. As an alternative solution, we’ll utilise the mediation process to try and help you resolve any issues within your family.



Clear communication

We talk to you in a language you understand, so you’ll always know what’s going on. We’ll provide you with professional advice that’s based on our unrivalled understanding of family law and years of experience in family law disputes.



I can not praise Grant Stephens Family Law enough. When you find yourself in need of a solicitor its usually because you’re in a difficult or unfortunate position, and from my very first phone call to make an appointment I felt completely at ease.

What our clients say:


“Thank you for all of your help, support and sound advice in these matters; I feel like I’m a lot further forward than I was when I first came to you. ”

Many thanks for everything,


“Thank you for all of your help throughout this.  It has been the saddest and most distressing period of my life but your [Eleri Jones’] professionalism and kindness made at least dealing with the divorce straightforward.”

John Morgan, Newport

"I would like to thank you so much for your assistance over this difficult period, your professionalism and advise has truly given us the decision we wanted as a family."


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