The Most Searched for Divorce & Family Law Advice in 2019

We have lots of legal advice covering different aspects of both divorce and family law on our website and 1000's of people every month visit our site to read this content. Below are the most common searches people have made in 2019 regarding divorce and family law advice together with the advice we give on each topic.


What is Adultery?

There is a very narrow definition when it comes to adultery. Where individuals may feel any act of cheating, whether emotional or physical, counts as adultery, legally it needs to be defined as sexual intercourse between a consenting man and woman in order to be grounds for divorce. Find out more

Will a New Partner Affect my Maintenance Payments?

When a couple is going through a divorce, their assets are shared equally in order to maintain the best financial situation for both parties. One party may need to provide maintenance payments to the other in order to support them financially. Regarding cohabitation with a new partner, there is no immediate cut-off of payments, but the situation may need to be reviewed.  Find out more here

Why Can a Divorce Lawyer Not Represent Me?

There may be a conflict of interest during a divorce or separation, which means a particular divorce lawyer may not be able to represent you if it is deemed inappropriate due to other ongoing work. An example would be a divorce lawyer representing both parties. Find out more here

What Happens When You Get Caught Cheating?

Ultimately, it is up to the two parties involved regarding the consequences. Cheating may lead to divorce if so wished, but couples can decide to remain together. You have the option to divorce, seek counselling to repair the relationship, or the guilty party may wish to continue with the individual they cheated with. Find out more here

What should I do if My Partner is a Bully During the Divorce?

You should keep yourself safe in the usual ways, such as contacting the authorities if appropriate. You should also keep a record of any harassment or bullying. You can ensure all communication is only made through your divorce lawyer. Find out more here.

What Happens When You Separate Without Divorcing?

You don't have to go through the arduous divorce process, but you are still the legal next of kin to your ex-partner, and still being married may cause problems with new partners. Your ex-partner will also be legally entitled to your assets if you pass away, so you will need to update your will. Find out more here

What If My Spouse Has Left Me for a Same Sex Relationship?

This news can be devasting if unexpected, and you will need a lot of support for the shock. It's also important not to blame yourself. You may also find you receive less sympathy than you would a heterosexual relationship. You will also not be able to use adultery as the reason for a divorce. Find out more here

What Counts as Unreasonable Behaviour During a Divorce?

This ranges from destructive behaviour such as violence or illegal substances and moves to issues such as lack of love and sex and no financial contributions. Unreasonable behaviour is subjective to the party involved. Find out more here

Family Law

Can a Biological Father Claim Parental Responsibility Following the Mother's Death?

Yes, a biological father will always have the right to make this claim. However, the court's main priority will be the welfare of the child, which doesn't necessarily mean the father will have contact with the child, despite the claim. A biological father may also choose not to claim parental responsibility. Find out more here

What Happens If We Can't Agree?

If all other avenues have been exhausted, the most usual next step is a Court application. When taken to Court, the priority will always be the welfare of the children involved. CAFCASS will be requested to provide a Safeguarding Report to assist the Court in their decision. Find out more here.

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