Grant Stephens

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Grant Stephens is a highly specialist family law solicitor who has practised solely within the field of family Law for over 20 years. He has earned the desirable reputation of delivering outstanding, collaborative family law support for clients matched with respect and commendation from his peers across South Wales and the South West of England.
He has great depth of experience and excels in complex cases. Over the last two decades has forged a strong and valuable niche in this type of family law work. Clients with challenging or high value matters are commonly referred directly to Grant which has allowed him, and fellow practice partner, to build a strong and thriving family law practice for South Wales and beyond. Before starting his own practice, Grant was Head of one of Cardiff’s busiest and well-respected family law departments (in Martyn Prowel Solicitors), dealing with all aspects of family law.
Grant is exceptionally passionate about family law – and building a positive profile for legal advisors and mediators in the process. While he is admittedly involved in highly complex, financially valuable and emotive legal matters, Grant is frequently praised by his clients for being able to blend legal confidence, professionalism and depth of ability with a positive, sympathetic and transparent manner with clients.
Grant has achieved a great number of successful outcomes on a wide variety of family law cases over the years, including: millionaire lottery wins; issues surrounding inherited wealth; protracted contact disputes, and; complex business interests, to name but a few.
Grant is a skilled negotiator and is known for his commitment to find an early resolution in each and every case. He believes that the court process should be viewed as a last resort and, as an accredited Collaborative Law Solicitor, promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution wherever possible, including Collaborative Law. If the Court process is inevitable, he is an accomplished advocate with an enviable reputation and strives to secure the best outcome for his clients.
His experience in Collaborative Law has helped shape the culture of Grant Stephens Family Law and has also had a productive effect in terms of inspiring confidence in the wider legal sector. The majority of Grant’s clients are referral-based – including non-competing boutique / other law firms and he has generated a loyal following of family law solicitors who regularly turn to him for support, guidance, informal mentorship and business advice.
For an appointment with Grant, please call 02921 679 333