Situations when you may need a family lawyer after a divorce

Once your divorce is completed it is time to move forward with your life to better things and to wave good bye to your divorce lawyer and the family law courts. However, there are times when you may need to seek legal advice again after your divorce, as situations change and your children grow.

Change in financial situations

A change in the financial situation of either you or your ex could prompt a trip back to your family lawyer if spousal maintenance is being paid. A change in financial circumstances doesn’t have to mean simply getting a better paid job, it could also mean moving in with a new partner which would reduce the burden of bills.

Spousal maintenance is not set in stone and it is not uncommon for it to go down if the person receiving has an improvement in their own personal circumstances. However, the judges can also put the payment up even with out the person receiving it requesting this, so it is only worth taking the case to court if you have received good legal advice.

Moving away

If one person moves a significant distance, then it is likely that the contact arrangements for children will have to change to avoid any disruption in their education. Although you may be able to reach your own agreements, you should still get any agreements down in writing and check with your family lawyer that you haven’t missed anything crucial that may arise.

Going abroad

In many situations the other parent will have to consent to the children leaving the country, even for a short holiday. If you suspect that the children are at risk of abduction if the other parent takes them abroad, then you must contact your family lawyer immediately. You may also be in the situation where the other parent tries to block your family holiday, so you will need to seek legal help.

Concerns about a new partner

If the other parent has a new partner that you deem to be unsuitable and you are concerned about your children’s welfare, then you may be able to rearrange the contact arrangements.

Changing arrangements at the wishes of the children

It may be that as your children grow they start to find whatever the current situation is inconvenient, or want a different routine as their education becomes more time consuming. Your children may initiate a change in your current agreement. If this is the case, seek the advice of your family lawyer to ensure any new agreements cover all potential circumstances.

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