Silver Separatists

There appears to be a growing trend in couples in there 60s filing for a divorce. So why do some couples want to end their long established marriage instead of living out their twilight years together and what are the specific associated risks with divorcing in your 60s.

Some people have argued that when couples hit retirement and their children have flown the nest that they suddenly discover that they simply have nothing left in common with one another. Others have argued that many couples in their 60s are now far wealthier than previous generations so are financially independent and able to divorce.

There is also the argument that people of retirement age now have very different lifestyles and beliefs to those of previous generations. Pensioners now rarely live up to the stereotypes of wanting to sit in their arm chairs and quietly tend their vegetable patches. Instead, pensioners want to travel, see friends, indulge in hobbies, go out and make the most of their time, well aware that they may not be fit or active enough to do so in the coming years.

Suddenly, no matter how long the marriage has lasted couples may have wildly different interests and see retirement as an opportunity for a new lease of life, with new opportunities and adventures and that can also include starting off fresh and reinventing as a single person.

Whatever the reason for the increase in ‘silver separatists’ there are certainly several things to be considered before throwing caution to the wind and going off to pursue your own goals and dreams without your long term spouse.


As a pensioner your need for financial security is greater than those of working age as you can no longer work to earn money to support yourself. You are reliant on your pension and the financial assets that you have gathered throughout your life. The divorce may not be settled in your favour, so you could find yourself out of pocket and unable to have the money to live your dreams.


Pensioners don’t get to their ripe old age without collecting baggage along the way: children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, mutual friends etc. Your divorce will upset all these people. This also makes new marriages much harder as there are so many people for both of you involved in your lives and so many people that will have an opinion on new partners.

New flames

If you dream of divorcing and finding someone new, you have to keep in mind that it may not be that easy to hold down a new steady relationship. Years of work has gone into your marriage and a level of intimacy has been built up. Can you really put up with someone else’s bad habits now? Can you learn to live with someone and their stubborn ways? And can someone else put up with your quirks that your current spouse ignores?

Many silver separatists do go on to find happiness after their divorce, but many report that it was not as easy as they had imagined, with ages comes new issues that you have to factor in before you consider getting a divorce.

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