Domestic abuse

Domestic AbuseAll levels of society regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, and socio-economic background are affected by domestic abuse. It exists in many forms and not just physical violence. It includes psychological, emotional and sexual abuse the risk of which can increase when couples separate not only to the victim but also to any children of the family.

Sadly, domestic abuse is more common than you think and should never be tolerated. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, we can help to make you and your children safe. Grant Stephens Family Law have domestic abuse expert solicitors at hand to advise and represent you sometimes on an urgent and immediate basis if necessary.

We can obtain from the Court an injunction (or sometimes known as a ‘restraining order’) to protect you and any children that may be at risk which could include removing the perpetrator from the home and/ or stopping him/her from contacting you directly or indirectly. If there is an urgent need and there is good cause an injunction or ‘restraining order’ can be obtained on the same day without the perpetrator being informed.

If you need to get in touch with someone urgently or wish to contact an expert for a free initial consultation* within 24 hours (at evenings or weekends) please call us on 02921 679 333 or contact us and we will get back to you.