We regularly act for mothers and fathers in disputes over children by either helping achieve an amicable outcome or providing the best representation at Court.

When couples separate often they both have a different view on how much time each parent should spend with the children (called Contact but which used to be called Child Access) and sometimes there are disputes over who the children should live with (called Residence but which used to be called Child Custody). Even if these issues have been settled, there can be a variety of disagreements about their upbringing including bringing the children into contact with unsuitable people, disputes over which school they should attend, which religion they should practice, changing the child’s surname or whether the child should live abroad to name but a few.

It is our experience that any arrangements surrounding children have a better chance of success if they are agreed by the parents than having the Court impose an order upon them. We have Law Society Advance Panel solicitor experts who have considerable practical and legal experience in this area and who can help you reach an agreement that works best. Our solicitors encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution such as Mediation or Collaborative Law but appreciate that in some cases these may not be appropriate and the Court will need to be involved. Sometimes situations arise that require emergency action and urgent Court attention such as preventing the removal of a child to another country or an order requiring one parent to return a child to another parent. If this is the case Grant Stephens Family Law are expert solicitors who will support you all of the way and will work quickly and tirelessly to get the best outcome for you and your child.

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