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Ending a marriage or relationship is never easy. It brings with it emotional turmoil, but also the complicated process of untangling all shared assets and finances.

Despite the challenge ahead, it’s essential you receive a satisfactory financial settlement for your future. Yet the prospect of going to court is a daunting one for many couples, particularly when factoring in the cost, time, and stress normally associated with this path to resolution.

As one of the leading divorce solicitors in the country, Grant Stephens Family Law is here to guide you through the course of action.

Are you apprehensive about drawn-out negotiations, bitter court battles, and sky-high legal costs? We take a different route at this emotional and demanding time in your life. Our no-nonsense approach intends to settle all matters amicably and quickly. In fact, when possible, we aim to avoid the case even reaching court.

The Reasons to Select Us as Your Divorce Solicitors

If your relationship has broken down to the point there’s no chance of reconciliation, divorce or dissolution is the next logical step. Without the right representation, this can get messy – particularly when children are involved as part of the dispute.
Unlike most other divorce solicitors, you can rest assured your case will always be overseen by an experienced and fully qualified lawyer. That’s only the start of the advantages. Here are four other reasons to choose Grant Stephens Family Law:

We’re experts in divorce procedures

At the start of proceedings, you are allocated a solicitor who specialises in divorce. They will then represent your best interests and handle the case. With many years of experience between us, our expert team has extensive knowledge and ability in dealing with all the details – big or small – of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. As a result, you can rely on us to help you gain the best resolution for both you and your family.

Our collaborative approach to dispute resolution brings results

While we won’t stop until we land the best possible result for you, we believe heading to court should be the last resort in the large majority of cases. Issues between couples can tend to be resolved by using novel solutions. This includes negotiation between solicitors, or via an alternative dispute resolution like collaborative law and mediation. We strive to resolve family disputes in a constructive manner, where stressful and expensive litigation is avoided.

We will save you stress, time, and money

Our proactive approach ensures cases are concluded in a manner that is not just the most cost-effective but also achieves the best possible outcome for your situation. With fixed-price agreements and fair fees available in certain circumstances, the price of your marital dispute is kept to a minimum.

Our support enables you to rebuild your life

Our main priority is supporting each client through one of the most difficult periods in their life, so we won’t bombard you with paperwork, cause confusion with legal jargon, or suddenly drop extortionate legal fees on you. Our method from start to finish is both clear and transparent, even down to our fees system.

How We Ensure Divorce Finance Isn’t Complex

Are you searching for an amicable, cost-effective, and efficient resolution to the end of your marriage, relationship, or civil partnership? If so, Grant Stephens Family Law is best-placed to supply the guidance and expert representation you require.

No matter how convoluted your individual situation is, we put in the work as your advocate to guarantee your best interests are safeguarded at all times. When collaborative law or mediation is a suitable choice, we approach this with managed, effective conversions – all with the goal of reaching a solution that is agreeable by all parties. If the dispute results in a court application, we can assure you’ll have the best representation available.

We possess divorce solicitors who have helped a wide assortment of clients with varying levels of finances. This includes dealing with standard cases such as what happens to the family home following a dispute, to more unique situations involving millionaire lottery wins, complex business interests, inherited wealth, and intricate trust and pension cases.

This experience means we have naturally represented a whole host of high profile clients, successfully dealing with cases involving:

·       Solicitors

·       Accountants

·       Education professionals

·       Managing directors

·       Medical practitioners such as GPS, consultants, and dentists

To ensure your case receives the greatest possible chance of success, we work closely with various professionals in other relevant industries when required. These professionals include forensic accountants, surveyors, and pension experts. By utilising their expertise, and then combining it with the skills and knowledge of our divorce solicitors, your case – no matter how complex – has the best representation possible.

In addition, we also have strong links with numerous local and national outside agencies.

Free Initial Consultation With Solicitors You Can Trust

At Grant Stephens Family Law, we provide a free initial consultation to every client. During this consultation, we will get to know more about you and the entire situation. We then look at the issues you face, providing advice on the practicalities and legalities of the various options available in your case. Once the session is complete, a clear plan will be mapped out – including which steps you should take next to ensure an early dispute resolution.
When going through this consultation, we always work with you to establish you are fully aware of the process and feel comfortable making decisions. It goes without saying, but it is imperative you enlist experts you can trust, and who possess the experience and knowledge to land the best possible result for your case. That is what you receive when working with Grant Stephens Family Law.

Book Your Free Consultation Today

Would you like to talk to us about your dispute and the solutions available? Maybe you require further information about our divorce services? Get in touch with us today. You can have a meeting with one of our expert divorce solicitors within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate – take the first step to a divorce resolution now and look towards a happier future.

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