Ongoing disputes about children

After a break up you will come to an agreement about the basic arrangements for any children, such as who the child will live with and how much time they spend with each parent.

However, as lives move on and the children grow situations change and there are all sorts of decisions that you are going to have to make with your ex partner about the upbringing and the welfare of the children.

Many of these decisions will be small and easy but others will be much harder and it is at these times that you may want to seek legal help. As family lawyers we are experienced mediators for disputes involving children and will always try to keep your disputes out of court. We can talk you through the legal implications and help you come to a decision together, which is less stressful and cheaper and will give you a framework for future discussions.

Disputes that come up between parents involving their children vary greatly. Sometimes a parent may be concerned about the children having access to unsuitable people with the other parent. Deciding what religion the children should practise, if any, is a common cause of disputes, along with what schools to go to, changing the surname and repatriating.

All these disputes can come to an amicable agreement if both parties are willing to cooperate. However, if mediation does not work out then they can go to court. This can leave one or both parties feeling very powerless and make it difficult to continue making decisions for the children in the future. Going to court will mean that the best interests of the children are served so parents may feel that they have no option if they are concerned for their children’s well-being.

Sometimes something immediate can come up that requires a sudden court injunction. This tends to be one parent intending on removing the children from the country. Courts can prevent this if it is feared that the children won’t be returned or if there will be harm done against the children. If you are concerned then it is vital that you seek immediate legal advice to prevent your children from being taken.

Parenting with an ex partner is not an easy thing to do which is why trained legal professionals can help you to reach decisions that will benefit your children.

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