Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, dedicated to promoting understanding, educating people, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and empowering individuals to prioritise their mental well-being. For many years, help and support for mental health has been limited, and there is still a deep-rooted stigma surrounding the topic. Mental illness can affect anyone, at any stage in their life, and it is very important to take seriously.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Movement’. The Mental Health Awareness Foundation chose the term “movement” instead of “exercise” because it is more accessible and less intimidating. For some, being told to exercise can seem overwhelming, and for other it may not be possible. However, “movement” is something everyone can do. They encourage people to move more in a way that they enjoy, whether it’s dancing, walking, playing in the garden with children, or going to the gym. The important thing is that there are options to suit everyone. The Mental Health Foundation suggests as little as 15 minutes of movement a day can positively impact mental health.

At Grant Stephens Family Law, we help clients with an array of family law issues including matrimonial issues, family disputes and matters involving children, all of which can cause significant stress and anxiety, negatively impacting mental health. Handling these issues can be challenging, especially if you have recently experienced a change in your family situation. Our experienced family lawyers will strive to go above and beyond to try an alleviate as much stress and pressure as possible. It is important that when someone is going through these situations, they take time for themselves and reach out to others for support.

Mental Health Awareness Week encourages people to be open about their struggles with mental health and share feelings with those close to them. By doing this, we can remove the stigma associated with mental health. Every conversation helps to create a more understanding and supportive environment, fostering a culture where mental health and be openly discussed without judgement.

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Published: 17 May 2024

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