Mediation a better way 

The attendance at a mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) has been compulsory since April 2014. Despite mediation being round for a few decades before many people seem unaware of what the mediation process is actually about. A number of clients think it can offer marriage guidance counselling or family therapy, but this is not the case.

A Voluntary not Compulsory Process

Mediation is a voluntary informal process whereby couples who are going their separate ways are trying to resolve matters amicably. Mediation is far less stressful than going through the court process it is a quicker and cheaper. Despite this many people seem reluctant to attempt mediation and are still favouring the more adversarial court route.

The court encourages separating/ divorcing parties to resolve matters between themselves. Hence the compulsion to attend a MIAM before you can go to court. Most of the research that has been done shows that couples are far happier with the results achieved in mediation than going through the court route.

At your MIAM we will provide you with information about mediation the principles, the process, the benefits and challenges, the costs and time scales. Our mediators are all issues accredited and follow the standards set by the Family Mediation Standard Board. The new mediation standards come into effect on 1st October 2022. We at Grant Stephens Family Law are ready.

We can help you with children and the handling of property and finance matters. Our mediators always encourage you to have the needs of the children at the forefront of your mind. We will help you to achieve cooperative parenting in a child focused separation and reduce the impact of parental conflict. We will handle your property and finance matters to include full and frank disclosure. 

We will ask you appropriate questions to ascertain the facts and build a rapport with you we value your responses and will remain non-judgmental. It is essential you are able to build a trust with mediator you are working with, and we will provide you with time and space for talking and listening. 

We at Grant Stephens family law are committed to ensuring that your mediation is conducted in a safe environment if you disagree, we will allow you to speak for yourselves without feeling threatened intimidated or worried about the reprisals. Your mediation is conducted in a way that suits you.

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