How long does divorce take?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a quick divorce. Even if both parties are in full agreement it is very rare that a divorce will take any less than 5 months.

Court proceedings always take a long time and you will find yourselves at the mercy of the workload of the court at the time. Getting a divorce with minimal stress requires maximum patience.

One of the main hold-ups during the divorce process is a compulsory 6 week waiting period between the decree nisi and the decree absolute. This process is frustrating for the court and the parties involved, but is a necessary part of the proceedings. The decree nisi involves a judge announcing in open court that the divorce will be granted. It is rare that the parties involved attend this. The decree absolute is granting the divorce.

The simpler the divorce case, the quicker it will be. Needing the court’s assistance to decide on financial arrangements and child custody agreements will prolong the process. Other factors that will prolong the process include one of the parties being overseas, as this will increase the time for papers to be returned. One of the parties not fully understanding the terms and disagreements over the details.

A good divorce lawyer will be able to prevent the process from dragging on and you will be fully advised on what is happening, which greatly reduces the stress levels. 5 – 8 months is the average length of time for a simple divorce in the UK. Communicating promptly, understanding the agreements and understanding the process are essential for not delaying the process further.

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