Less Parents Applying For Child Maintenance Help

It is less than six months since charges were introduced for the new Child Maintenance Service and figures show that there has been a significant drop in parents applying or assistance.

It is not yet known why there has been a drop, but charities are concerned that single parents are being put off seeking help due to the £20 charge.

The government is hoping that parents will make their own arrangements for collecting child maintenance and not seek the help of DWP services.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to come to arrangements with ex partners or ex spouses about child maintenance. Finance and money is always a thorny issue and discussing this with someone who you are in the middle of a break up with is very difficult.

If both parties are willing to cooperate then it is possible to reach your own agreements and to stick to them. However, this task is not to be underestimated. Or most people they will need outside assistance to firstly decide on the amount of child maintenance that will be paid and secondly to keep up with the arrangements and of any changes that happen as both parties move on with their lives.

If you are having difficulties coming to satisfactory child maintenance arrangements then you can seek the help of an experienced family lawyer. This way you can be certain of your legal rights and know what options are available to you to for coming to arrangements.

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