How to prepare yourself for your divorce

No matter your circumstances, divorce is a difficult time and unlike anything that you will have experienced before. No amount of preparation will help you to breeze through it, however, taking practical steps before the process begins will make life smoother during the coming months.


Although it is unpleasant to reduce a huge emotional upheaval to a pile of paperwork, it is vital that you get this sorted. Find all the financial documents that you can and photocopy everything, so you know how much money there is between you and your spouse. It is not uncommon (although it is illegal) for one side to hide money. Gather as much evidence as you can and if you suspect anything, ensure you advise your lawyer.

Plan financially

Until the divorce is finalised you won’t know your financial situation. However, sit down with a calculator and work out how much you would require from the divorce in order to live comfortably and how you would support yourself in the worst case scenario. Having a plan can reduce a lot of the stress levels.

Gather your support network

Everyone needs help and support during a divorce. Now is the time to reach out to friends and family who you can rely on. Let them know what is going on and how they can help you, whether it is being on stand-by for childcare, or with a box of tissues and bottle of wine. If you don’t feel that friends and family can provide enough emotional support, find a counsellor who you can turn to if you need it.

Find a good family lawyer

It is never too early to start choosing your family lawyer. Whoever you choose will be at your side during the whole process, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome for your future. At Grant Stephens Family Law in Cardiff, we offer a free consultation, so you can come and meet us without it costing you a penny.

Choose a family lawyer who listens to your situation and works with you to solve it. Ask for testimonials and a proven track record in similar cases.

Try mediation

Opening up communication between you and your spouse will not only lead to an easier and cheaper divorce, it will also help you in the future, especially if you have children together.

Find some time for you

In your weekly routine, ensure you work in some you-time, no matter how short it is. You are in for a bumpy ride and it is easy to get completely swept away. If you take an hour each week to dedicate to a hobby, or simply go for a walk, it will help you to stay calm. It will also help you to become your own person again, as your divorce is not just dividing up your financial assets, but also the emotional split from your ex.

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