How To Choose A Divorce Mediator

Grant Stephens Family Law in Cardiff offers a divorce mediation service for Cardiff and surrounding areas, including Blackwood, Caerphilly and Pontypridd.

Mediation is a very useful and sometimes compulsory tool for divorcing couples. It empowers both parties to reach an amicable and fair agreement on financial and family issues. It is much less stressful than going through the courts and often cheaper too.

Unless there is a case of abuse or violence then all couples need to demonstrate that they have attempted mediation before going to court. However, many couples choose willingly to use mediation rather than the courts to make the divorce an easier process for themselves and their children. If you are going through a divorce, how do you choose a divorce mediator?


One of the best places to start in choosing a divorce mediator is to ask friends and family who have gone through the process if they can recommend anyone (or advise you against anyone). You should always reach your own conclusion, as who you like and don’t like will be very subjective, but asking around will give you a good idea of who the best mediators in the area are.


Once you have a few suggestions, check that they are all fully qualified. You do not have to be a divorce lawyer to be a mediator, there is separate training, but you will want to know that they have appropriate training with the Family Mediators Association.


Choosing an experienced mediator who works within a reputable company is also important. Find out if they have had any similar cases to yours and how long it took to resolve etc. They should be able to show you several testimonials from previous clients.

Divorce specialist

Some people can call themselves mediators even though their specialities lie within the business or financial fields. Choose someone who is a specialist in family mediation and divorce. Often the best way to do this is to contact the reputable family law firms in your area and see if they offer a mediation service.


Your mediator should be someone whom you respect and get along with. You will start to resent the meetings and interactions if you have a mediator who you dislike or who you think is not doing a good enough job. You need to feel that the mediator is working hard towards the best possible outcome, not just to earn some more money.

For an experienced divorce mediator in Cardiff and the surrounding Valleys, contact Georgia Hookings at Grant Stephens Family Law.

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