The Cost of a Divorce

The cost of a divorce can vary wildly depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of mediation that is needed to come to an arrangement.

To keep costs down for a divorce the best thing to do is to come to an agreement without third party help. However, given the circumstances, that is much easier said than done and often realistic. Splitting assets is no easy task, especially as the main asset is usually the family home which can’t be simply divided in half. Outside assistance is recommended for the peace of mind of both parties.

To file your petition for divorce the current court costs amount to £410 in Wales. This is the absolute minimum that you can pay when divorcing. However, most couples need professional assistance when divorcing and many also need to take their divorce to court to let a judge decide how assets are going to be divided.

Grant Stephens Family Law in Cardiff offer a fixed fee of £400 plus VAT for a divorce petitioner service. This service covers straightforward divorces with no complications and will give you the peace of mind that comes with the support of a professional. We can help you all the way through from the initial meeting to the decree absolute. It is recommended that this is the most basic form of legal support that you invest in throughout your divorce process to avoid unnecessary court delays and to ensure that all paperwork is filled correctly.

If you are in disputes with your partner about how to divide assets then you will need further professional assistance. This will come at an extra cost but is well worth the investment for what it could save you in the long term. Being under-represented in court is not only a problem for you, but also a problem for judges as they struggle to come to a fair decision without the assistance of a lawyer. Self-representation in court cases leads to drawn out proceedings and incorrect decisions.

The types of divorce that tend to be more complicated are those that involve an international element, if the marriage certificate needs translating, if the marriage certificate is missing, if the respondent does not cooperate or reply, or in some circumstances if the respondent can not be located.

Grant Stephens Family Law in Cardiff can advise you on the cost of your divorce based on your individual circumstances so you do not have to worry about surprise expenses. Contact us to book a meeting to discuss your needs.

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