Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce is a painful time where emotions are running high and tempers can flare. Because of this people going through divorce often make mistakes. Here are five common mistakes that you should definitely avoid during the divorce process:

Using the children

Unless one side is abusive children should be able to have easy access to both parents. Courts will always rule in favour of split custody (not always 50-50) unless they have good reason. Using children as pawns is unpleasant for everybody and won’t end up getting you anywhere.

Rebound relationships

Of course you will want to move on from your divorce and being newly single you have every right to start dating and becoming romantically involved. However, even if you meet someone that you are serious about during the divorce process, mentioning it to your ex-spouse or your children will cause unnecessary hurt. It is much better to wait until the process is complete before announcing a new partner and introducing them to your children.

Not hiring a divorce lawyer

If your divorce is going through court and your ex has a lawyer, you too must have one. Being under-represented in court is a very expensive business that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Become abusive

Divorce is a dreadful thing to go through. Every couple that seeks a divorce will argue, no matter how amicable the split. However, some people make the mistake of becoming abusive during the process. If you can’t communicate without making threats and becoming aggressive, then leave all communication to your divorce lawyer.

Choose the wrong divorce lawyer

Your divorce lawyer should be compassionate and be able to give you examples of similar situations and the outcomes. An aggressive divorce lawyer may seem like a good idea but will in fact make the whole process more expensive and time consuming than necessary.

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