How to choose a family lawyer

When you have decided that divorce is the only option you will already have a lot to think about and will need to avoid unnecessary stress. Therefore it is vital that you find a good solicitor as soon as possible in order to take a weight off your mind and move forward with the best possible assistance.

But how do you choose a good divorce lawyer? There are several things to look out for and check when you are researching local law firms.

Word of mouth

The most reliable form of recommendation is word of mouth. If you have friends and families who have been through a divorce ask them about their experiences and if they can recommend a good divorce lawyer. They can tell you who to contact and who to avoid. Don’t be surprised if anyone recommends their ex-spouse’s lawyer!


In order to ensure the highest professional standards ensure your lawyer is accredited to the Law Society Family Law Advanced Panel membership. This guarantees that they are family law experts with all the knowledge that is needed to represent you in court.

Understanding and confidence

To support you throughout your divorce your lawyer must be able to get all the important facts from you in the first meeting, give examples of similar cases they have worked on and give you a likely outcome. You don’t want to be filled with false hope.

You shouldn’t be bombarded with legal terms and be left feeling confused about the process or the financing. A good family lawyer will be able to explain things in layman terms so you will have confidence in how your case will progress.

If you are to work with your family lawyer throughout your entire divorce process then they must be understanding and sympathetic to your case. Your lawyer should be working for you to achieve the best possible outcome, and not just go through the processes without any feeling.

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