Children Parents & Grandparents

At Grant Stephens Family Law in Cardiff we regularly help mothers, fathers and grandparents resolve conflicts about child residence and contact. Ensuring the best possible outcome for families is the most important part of our work and it is something that we work tirelessly to achieve.

We can help you with all aspects of family disputes. Even after a divorce settlement has been decided, there are many different issues that can arise as children grow and situations change. We have dealt with everything from protecting children from being exposed to unsuitable people, reconnecting children to their parents to ensuring the other parent does not leave the country with the children.

If you cannot come to an agreement with your co-parent, or feel the co-parent is acting inappropriately or dangerously then we can offer you advice and representation to help to resolve the dispute.

It is not just relationships between parents and children that we protect. We also ensure grandparents can continue to have contact with their grandchildren after the parents have split. Even if your son or daughter has minimal contact with your grandchildren, the law still recognises your right as a grandparent to have a relationship with them.

We will work with you either through the courts or through mediation to come to an arrangement with the main parent so you can be a part of your grand children’s lives.

We work hard to try to keep cases involving children out of the courts and will always encourage the use of mediation or the collaborative law process to resolve disputes. In our experience, it is much better for families to reach their own decisions than have orders passed by a judge or magistrates

However, some cases will have to go through the courts and if yours is one of them we will be there to provide the best legal representation. We have a wealth of experience and can strategically negotiate complex litigation to ensure you have the best outcome and that you are supported during this difficult time.

In some cases, urgent action needs to be taken in order to protect your children. If this is the case please contact us straight away and we can help you with all the processes necessary to get an immediate court order to prevent your children leaving the country, or to order the other parent to return them to you. We have the experience to work with you to keep you and your children safe.