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How to move on after a divorce

It is not an overstatement to say that a divorce is like a death. Anyone who has gone through a stressful and unwelcome divorce will need time to grieve. There is a grief for what has been lost, a grief for the future plans and a grief for the affect on the family. Not giving… Continue Reading

Social media and divorce

If you are into the world of social media, as the majority of people are these days, you can barely go an hour without the latest celebrity divorce drama being publicly aired on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, and pictures of people ‘getting over their ex’ in various ways on Instagram and other picture based sites. … Continue Reading

Same Sex Relationships More Likely To Involve Domestic Abuse

A charity has found that LGBT (lesbian. gay, bisexual and transgender) people in relationships with partners of the same sex are more than twice as likely to have suffered domestic abuse in the last year as compared to those in opposite sex relationships. The charity Broken Rainbow reports that nearly half (45 per cent) of gay… Continue Reading

Is Divorce Available To Everybody Who Needs It?

Nobody really relishes the prospect of going through divorce proceedings, even if they know a happier and more secure life awaits on the other side. Divorces are traditionally made somewhat difficult to obtain, and there are laws designed to make the process take longer than it strictly needs to. This is presumably done with the… Continue Reading

Poker Player Wins Child Support Case

An unemployed man who makes most of his money from playing poker has won the right not to pay child support. The Court of Appeals ruled yesterday (28 April 2014) that Tony Hakki has no obligation to pay child support to the mother of his child, as his gambling does not meet the requirements for… Continue Reading

7 Long-Lasting Celebrity Marriages

When we think of celebrity marriages, we don’t necessarily think of stability and longevity. There are many reasons why we tend to regard celebrity marriages as brief affairs – among them, that the press loves to report on the slightest apparent problem in a relationship, but also due to what some regard as the shallowness… Continue Reading

What Needs To Be Considered In The Event Of A Divorce

When a couple decides to divorce, everything changes. Two people who had previously built their lives around each other will need to readjust to a life apart, with separate careers, separate finances and separate social lives. Some of these changes are clearly advantageous in the eyes of the parties involved, hence the reasons for the… Continue Reading