Becoming a Resolution Family Team Member

Becoming a Resolution Family Team Member

Resolution Family Team

All our family law solicitors are members of Resolution, making Grant Stephens Family Law, a Resolution Family Team.

Resolution is a community of family law solicitors and justice professionals across the UK who aim to explore court alternatives as the first resort, with the intention of avoiding court and finding amicable solutions between both parties.

Resolution promotes the use of alternative services such as Mediation and Collaborative Law and sets out constructive approaches to family law issues through its Code of Practice.

Collaborative Law is a process in which each person appoints their own collaborative law solicitor and each party, and their solicitor meet face-to-face to work through any conflicts or disagreements. It is a solution that avoids court and helps to work through any family issues or disagreements.

Mediation is a process in which an accredited mediator will meet with you and your partner together to identify the issue that you may not be able to agree on, the mediator will work with you to come to a solution. Mediators will always remain neutral and will not influence either of your opinions.

At Grant Stephens Family Law, our family law specialists strive to work with our clients to find the most amicable solution possible. In addition to our family solicitor’s Resolution membership, Managing Director Grant Stephens is an accredited Collaborative Lawyer, alongside Director Matthew Wells who is also a Resolution Accredited Specialist. Director Lisa Evans is a Resolution Mediator and is also accredited by the Family Mediation Council.

Our memberships and commitments to Resolution are hugely important to us here at Grant Stephens Family Law, showing our dedication to court alternatives. We see Court as a last resort, and we will always look to find amicable solutions outside of court where possible. In addition to following Resolution’s Code of Practice, we set our own high standards to do everything we can to guide all our clients through difficult situations, supporting them in every way possible.

To speak with one of our family law experts about dispute resolution, contact us today.

Published: 07 May 2024

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