How to avoid divorce day

Across the Western World January sees more divorces than any other month. One day in particular sees a sharp rise in people deciding they are going to divorce. This is known as ‘divorce day.’

The extra strain that Christmas puts on couples and families leads to an increased number of couples splitting as soon as it is over.

If you are worried that you will fall victim to divorce day and you want to save you marriage or long term partnership, then you need to start taking steps to communicate with your partner and patch up any problems now.

Switch off social media

As soon as Halloween is over, social media is full of pictures of happy families decorating trees, wrapping presents and having a perfectly perfect time.

When you are having relationship problems seeing this makes everything seem much worse than it really is. It is important to remember that people only post what they want you to see and nobody’s life is that shiny all the time.

Lay off the booze

Christmas provides the perfect excuse for a little excess. When everything is going well this isn’t a problem, but if there are tensions and you are upset then too much alcohol will make things worse.

It can lead to major arguments and a warped perception of reality and that’s before you get to the hangover and low mood the next day.

Resist temptation at parties

If you are going to your office party without your other half, or attending other social events, resist the temptation to get too flirtatious, or more.

When things aren’t going well at home it is very easy to look elsewhere for a confidence boost or comfort. However, the positive effects will be very short lived. As soon as the guilt sets in and the job of trying to hide your misdemeanour takes its toll, you will end up in a worse position than when you started.

Break your routine

Many couples struggle during Christmas holidays as they suddenly have to spend much more time together than normal. However, the break in work is an opportunity for you to change your routine and rediscover what has been missing in your relationship. You can go on some dates, or even book a holiday, to open up the lines of communication again.

Avoid stressors

Relationships are about compromise, but when times are difficult it is best to avoid anything that one person really doesn’t enjoy. Perhaps problems are accentuated around certain extended family members, or one person can’t stand the other’s annual Christmas party.

If this is the case, make your excuses this year and allow your partner to take a break from what they don’t like.


The most important thing for successful relationships is communication. Don’t hide away from your problems, open up and listen to what your partner has to say.

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