Advice for young divorcees

When people think about a divorcee, they imagine someone who is middle aged, or older. People in their twenties do not tend to be associated with divorce. However, many people do marry and divorce in their twenties and these young divorcees have a whole range of other challenges to people who divorce later in life.


Generally, the younger you are, the more debt you will have. Older couples may have to split their shared wealth and property, whereas younger couples may have to split their debts instead.

If money is tight, try to agree your divorce through mediation, rather than going through the courts. However, remember a good divorce lawyer will save you money in the long run. Don’t opt for short term savings that will cost you in the long run.


Members of your family may be shocked and upset about your divorce, especially if it is comparatively soon after a large wedding. Try to give your family time to accept the situation and if they seem negative and unsupportive, don’t sever ties, instead keep communication to a minimum, until they come round. Now is not the time to fall out with family members.


Many young couples are part of a larger friendship group and have many mutual friends. It is a sad fact that some people who were previously friends will side with your ex and what were once firm friendships will suddenly disappear from under your feet.

If this is the case, then focus on the people who do stay by your side, or are not connected with your ex. These are the people that will help you through. Move on from anyone who mysteriously stops answering your messages, you will make new, better friends with time.


If you are divorced in your twenties, then you have to prepare yourself for being invited to friends’ weddings. This can feel socially awkward and on hen or stag parties you may feel like the odd one out. However, it is important to put any negative or paranoid feelings to one side. If you have been invited to celebrate a friend’s occasion, then rest assured they want you there. No one will be thinking negatively about your situation.

The future

A divorce in your twenties will hit you hard. However, it is important to give yourself time to recover and to learn from the experience. You will probably tire of people telling you that you are young enough to move on, but it is true. By learning from your divorce, you will set yourself up for a very successful future.


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